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Business Growth with GoHighLevel

Jasper Aiken
11 Jan 2022
5 min read

Business Growth with GoHighLevel

If you work with local businesses, GoHighLevel offers features to enhance their online visibility, automate local marketing, and manage customer relationships. It's particularly useful for capturing lead data and opportunities that local businesses might miss on their own.

Here's the scoop on how GoHighLevel benefits your local business clients:

  • Boost Online Visibility: GoHighLevel helps local businesses shine online.
  • Create Local Web Pages: Craft pages with maps and booking features.
  • Integrate with Google My Business and Yext: Strengthen online presence and manage reputation.

Why is GoHighLevel a game-changer for local businesses?

It's an all-in-one platform for marketing and CRM, streamlining tasks for online and offline success. Many local businesses struggle with marketing and communication, so offering a full CRM and marketing package with GoHighLevel lets them focus on excellent service.

Deeper into the CRM aspect

  • Efficiently Manage Contacts: Build and curate lists for pipelines and campaigns.
  • Multi-Channel Communication: Make calls, send messages, and reply directly within the platform.
  • Automate Appointments: Set up follow-ups, booking confirmations, and reviews.
  • Integration with Stripe: Collect upfront payments and reduce no-shows.
  • Embed Chat Widget: Capture leads directly on the client's website.

Phone communication is vital for local businesses, but staffing limitations often lead to missed opportunities. 

Many small businesses usually depend on phone calls for reservations and grabbing sales chances. However, having someone constantly available to answer calls isn't always feasible due to limited resources.

But there's this tool called GoHighLevel that gets it. They've added some handy features that automate various communication methods. This way, leads can be promptly addressed and fostered when they're most promising, reducing the chances of letting a good opportunity slip away.

  • AI-Powered SMS Bots: Enable automated appointment bookings.
  • Automated Voicemail Drops: Reach out without manual effort.
  • Forced Calls: Direct incoming calls to available staff.
  • Web Chat Widget: Speedy SMS responses.
  • Out-of-Hours Automation: Capture leads beyond business hours.

Craft Marketing Campaigns Tailored to Various Local Businesses

Local businesses can effortlessly run automated marketing campaigns using GoHighLevel Workflows feature. Whether online or offline, you can set up SMS campaigns and integrate numbers or QR codes on physical ads—Automate interactions, like guiding users through bookings triggered by SMS responses. Plus, with Stripe integration, secure upfront appointment payments safeguard revenue even if it's a no-show.

  • Multi-Channel Campaigns: Utilize various marketing channels for online and offline businesses.
  • SMS-Based Campaigns: Reach offline businesses with text promotions.
  • SMS Opt-In Campaigns: Integrate physical ads with automated responses.

Leverage GoHighLevel Templates for Crafting Local Business Websites

GoHighLevel provides ready-made templates for websites, funnels, and emails. Tailored for various businesses like chiropractors, real estate, and restaurants. Easily customize for each local client, boosting their visibility.

  • Location Maps: Add maps for easy navigation.
  • Booking Calendars: Allow customers to book appointments online.
  • Client Testimonials: Display recent reviews for credibility.

Connect GoHighLevel with your Google My Business

Google My Business is crucial for local enterprises as it appears in searches when people look for a specific type of business nearby.

  • Google My Business Integration: Manage reviews and respond directly.
  • Yext Listings Integration: Keep information accurate on various sites.

GoHighLevel is a powerhouse for local businesses. Integrating with Google My Business and Yext takes it up a notch, providing a robust online presence. GoHighLevel equips you with the tools to fuel local business growth and success.


In conclusion, GoHighLevel emerges as a comprehensive solution, revolutionizing how local businesses manage their online presence and customer relationships. With its powerful features, from automated marketing campaigns to seamless CRM integration, GoHighLevel empowers you to elevate your client's business to new heights.

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