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Ecommerce with GoHighLevel

Jasper Aiken
11 Jan 2022
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E-Commerce with GoHighLevel

Can I Utilize GoHighLevel for Selling Stuff?

Certainly, GoHighLevel offers a feature to create and sell products, but it's not tailored for extensive e-commerce ventures.

In essence, it lacks the specific tools needed for such endeavors.

Nevertheless, you can seamlessly connect GoHighLevel with Shopify or leverage Zapier for other e-commerce platforms, using the platform primarily for marketing strategies.

Key Points:

  • GoHighLevel isn't designed for e-commerce but can be employed for product sales.
  • Design and market your products through GoHighLevel funnels and websites.
  • Enhance sales by integrating with Shopify.

Can GoHighLevel Power an Online Store?

GoHighLevel does have a nifty product creation function enabling you to set up listings for your offerings.

Subsequently, you can incorporate these listings into web pages like sales funnels to facilitate sales.

However, there's a catch – GoHighLevel isn't equipped for dedicated e-commerce setups. It lacks crucial tools like a shopping cart, and its product builder isn't robust enough for swift mass product creation.

While it suits selling single items or bundles, platforms like Shopify might serve you better if you want to establish a substantial e-commerce presence.

Yet, it's worth noting that GoHighLevel seamlessly integrates with Shopify, allowing certain marketing actions directly from its interface.

E-Commerce Solutions with GoHighLevel

GoHighLevel isn't an out-and-out e-commerce solution but pairs seamlessly with a Shopify store.

This integration empowers you to devise automated workflows, reducing instances of abandoned carts.

For instance, if someone abandons their cart, you can instruct GoHighLevel to dispatch a reminder email after a set time.

Automated responses post-order placement and follow-ups after fulfillment are also doable. It's a clever way to prompt repeat business, utilizing GoHighLevel for promotions or discounts to Shopify customers.

If you're on platforms like ThriveCart or WooCommerce, Zapier can bridge the gap, automatically adding e-commerce customers to marketing initiatives on GoHighLevel.

Yet, if you're dealing with a single product or a bundled offering, GoHighLevel is straightforward in creating product listings and adding them to sales funnel order forms.

It's also suitable for subscription-based items, and if your product involves courses or memberships, GoHighLevel accommodates hosting and selling an array of courses.

How Does GoHighLevel Aid E-Commerce Ventures?

GoHighLevel shines in its workflow and automation capabilities for e-commerce endeavors.

The ability to set up automatic workflows for marketing campaigns makes it a valuable asset alongside an e-commerce store. This helps capture more leads and facilitates the dissemination of promotions, discounts, and offers.

In essence, GoHighLevel becomes a tool to reduce abandoned carts, stimulate repeat sales, show appreciation to existing customers through discounts, and enhance awareness of sales events and promotions.

Product Crafting on GoHighLevel

Creating and receiving payments for products is a feature on GoHighLevel, but it's too basic for full-fledged e-commerce.

The purpose of the product creator is to establish items intended for sale via sales funnels or websites.

For instance, if you plan to sell an e-book, you set up a product listing so GoHighLevel knows how to charge customers during the sale.

The platform supports this feature, whether it's a physical or digital product. However, creating extensive product listings might fall short due to the absence of a shopping cart feature. This means customers can only buy one product at a time.

Harnessing GoHighLevel Funnels for Sales

The primary role of the created products is to integrate them into your sales funnels.

Since funnels typically concentrate on selling one main product with a couple of upsells, GoHighLevel's product creation feature adequately caters to this purpose.

All you need to do is create the product listing and add it to the order form in the sales funnel. This applies to landing pages and websites as well.

Final Thoughts

In wrapping up, using GoHighLevel for your online store is a big deal—it can really boost your business! If you're curious and want to see how awesome it is, you can try it out for free for 30 days. Just click the link below to start your trial and see how GoHighLevel can improve your online shop!

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