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Getting Started with GoHighLevel

Jasper Aiken
11 Jan 2022
5 min read

Getting Started with GoHighLevel

Welcome to this guide on maximizing GoHighLevel. We'll explore using the tool efficiently, especially for beginners.

While many praise GoHighLevel, beginner guides are lacking. No worries—I've covered you to help you succeed with the platform.

Let's start by laying the foundation with the basics.

GoHighLevel, often called GoHighLevel, is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform designed to elevate agencies by generating leads and maximizing revenue. This comprehensive sales and marketing platform simplifies agency management, covering everything from acquiring clients to efficient retention strategies, invoicing, and reporting.

GoHighLevel Overview

Explore GoHighLevel, your all-in-one marketing automation solution tailored for agencies. It simplifies campaign management, ensuring a return on investment with smart, data-driven insights.

Whether business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C) campaigns, GoHighLevel's flexibility makes it the ideal partner for success.

GoHighLevel stands out because of its user-friendly design, which was crafted for agencies and consultants. It empowers you, regardless of your marketing background.

GoHighLevel Features

  • SMS Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Voicemail Marketing
  • Appointment Booking
  • Campaigns and Automation
  • Managing Membership Sites
  • Client retention optimization
  • CRM for agency and client
  • Reputation management (automated review requests)
  • Funnel & Landing Page Builder for digital products
  • Revenue and lead tracking
  • Increasing ROI on ad spend.

For Whom is GoHighLevel Suitable?

GoHighLevel is purpose-built for agencies, but here's the exciting part: other businesses can harness the power of this software to:

  • Keep track of client details
  • Produce reports on how well their business is doing
  • Launch marketing campaigns to attract new clients. Though designed with agencies in mind, GoHighLevel is also a perfect fit for freelancers and small businesses. With GoHighLevel SaaS, users can craft project templates, delegate tasks to team members, keep tabs on time spent on tasks, follow up effectively, and more.

GoHighLevel SaaS proves to be a valuable asset for any agency aiming to enhance its project management capabilities.

Imagine handling all your accounts on a single platform, bidding farewell to those cumbersome spreadsheets.

Picture effortlessly generating sales and capturing leads with just a click.

Envision slashing administrative time on tasks, freeing you up to concentrate on expanding your agency. GoHighLevel SaaS is the game-changer you've been looking for.

Mastering Go GoHighLevel: A Comprehensive Tutorial

Now that we've laid the groundwork, let's dive into the heart of the platform.

GoHighLevel boasts many features, making it a challenge to encompass them all in a single guide. Fear not, though, as we will spotlight some pivotal features from the GoHighLevel toolkit and guide you through the setup, configuration, and utilization process. Get ready to unlock the potential of these key features and supercharge your experience with GoHighLevel!

Marketing Platform

GoHighLevel's marketing system is like a two-part superhero, with each part having its own special powers:

Outreach (Inbound/Outbound):

This is where you reach out to potential customers (inbound), or they reach out to you (outbound).

Inbound Traffic Conversion:

Turn potential customers into satisfied ones with GoHighLevel. Imagine having five superheroes (channels) – SMS, Email, Voicemail, Messenger, and calls – at your disposal. GoHighLevel's outbound marketing system, using "triggers" and "trigger links," is like giving your superheroes special gadgets. 

Create a special mission (campaign) for customers adding items to their cart but not buying, ensuring no one gets left behind!


In GoHighLevel, campaigns let you control when and how things unfold. Organized in the Marketing section, name your campaign and add events and actions. Trigger automatic SMS or send a welcome message when something external, like a new sign-up, happens. 

GoHighLevel provides various event types, aligning your campaigns with your business goals. It's your personalized control center for success.

  • SMS
  • Call
  • Voicemail
  • Email
  • Messenger
  • Wait (the interval between scheduled events)
  • Manual SMS
  • Manual Call
  • Webhook (Webhook sends data (such as contact and appointment info) from GoHighLevel to other apps)
  • Add Task (for instance, add a next step action for a contact based on whether they convert or not).

But there's more than just adding events and actions.

You're also the timekeeper in this game.

Imagine a call scheduled right after the user signs up, a friendly SMS nudging them before the webinar, and a follow-up email after it concludes.

Once set up, GoHighLevel seamlessly handles the rest, like your personal assistant, but more efficiently.

Even cooler is tailoring messages based on the customer's buying journey and having a conversation that matches their decision-making process.

If you have lots of leads, GoHighLevel helps distribute them among vendors based on qualifications, like a super-smart assistant assigning tasks.


Introducing Twilio, a key player in GoHighLevel's marketing toolkit, specializing in cloud communications for SMS, Voice, and Messaging applications.

To explore Twilio's marketing wonders with GoHighLevel, you need your Twilio account. Don't worry if you don't have one yet; you can start for free by signing up on the company's website.

Here's the game-changer: for a seamless experience, create your Twilio account from your GoHighLevel admin panel. It's all about convenience to get you started on your marketing journey.

Getting Your GoHighLevel Account Ready

  1. Accessing Twilio Settings:

Start from GoHighLevel, head to Settings, and locate Twilio. A new page will unfold before you.

  1. Confirmation and Sign-in:

Once your Twilio account is set up, return to GoHighLevel to confirm your registration. Make sure you've received the confirmation email with the verification link. Sign in with Twilio by checking the two checkboxes, as shown in the image above.

  1. Integrating Twilio Credentials:

The final step is easy. Copy the account SID and Auth Token from your Twilio admin dashboard and paste them into your GoHighLevel account. That's it!

  1. Optimizing Billing and Sub-Accounts:

Thinking of billing your client for Twilio? Creating sub-accounts boosts earnings by rebilling for Twilio. It's optional, and GoHighLevel adds convenience by syncing your Twilio sub-accounts, ensuring consistent information.

  1. Enhanced Twilio Integration:

GoHighLevel allows seamless addition of Twilio numbers for clients, enabling easy export for rebilling. Note: using Twilio on GoHighLevel during the trial isn't possible. Transition from trial mode by adding credit card information and credits to sub-accounts to unlock full features. It's the key to accessing Twilio's full range in GoHighLevel.

Famous Twilio Triggers

  1. Rapid SMS Notifications:

Activate the magic of instant SMS through the Twilio API. By creating a webhook tied to a phone number, this feature emits events each time an SMS is sent to that number. Stay in the loop effortlessly!

  1. Instant Call Notifications:

Stay ahead with instant call notifications. Set up a webhook in Twilio linked to a phone number, and receive notifications every time a call is made to that number. It's your real-time alert system for call activities.

  1. Swift Phone Number Updates:

Keep your records current with the New Phone Number feature from the Twilio API. Every time you add a new phone number to your account, this creates an event. Stay organized effortlessly.

  1. Recording Alerts in Real Time:

Never miss a beat with New Recording alerts from the Twilio API. Receive instant notifications when a new call recording is created. It's your direct line to staying on top of recorded conversations.

  1. Transcription Updates on the Fly:

Stay informed with New Transcription events from the Twilio API. Get notified whenever a new call transcription is created, ensuring you're in the know about important details.

Twilio's array of features and instant alerts keep you connected and informed at every step. It's like having your own notification system tailored to your communication needs.

The Frequently Used Functions in Twilio and GoHighLevel

  1. Place a Call with Twilio API:

Connect instantly by making phone calls using the Twilio API. It's your direct line to seamless communication.

  1. Text and Share Media with Twilio API:

Transform your messages by sending SMS and MMS through the Twilio API. Communicate with impact.

  1. Keep It Tidy: Delete Calls and Messages:

Streamline your account by easily removing calls and messages using the Twilio API. Stay organized effortlessly.

  1. Capture Moments: Download Recording Media:

Secure your memories and important conversations by downloading recording media with the Twilio API. It's your archive of valuable content.

Each action is a gateway to enhancing your communication experience with Twilio, ensuring you have the tools to connect, organize, and preserve valuable interactions.


This blog is a beginner's guide to maximizing GoHighLevel benefits, a user-friendly SaaS platform for agencies. It simplifies marketing, lead generation, and revenue maximization. The guide covers essentials, features, and a tutorial on mastering functionalities, emphasizing flexibility for B2B and B2C campaigns.

Key features include SMS/email marketing, voicemail marketing, appointment booking, and campaign automation. The blog introduces Twilio for cloud communications in GoHighLevel, covering setup, integration, and optimization.

Ready to supercharge your agency's success? Dive into the power of GoHighLevel with our exclusive 30-day trial! Click here to watch our in-depth tutorial on YouTube and unlock the potential for seamless marketing automation. Don't miss out—transform your business today!


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