GoHighLevel Features

GoHighLevel Advanced Features

Jasper Aiken
11 Jan 2022
5 min read

GoHighLevel Advanced Features

Explore the diverse array of tools embedded in the GoHighLevel platform, crafting a versatile toolkit tailored to various business requirements. From the essential CRM to sophisticated automation, email marketing, and adaptable sales funnels, GoHighLevel provides a complete suite. 

GoHighLevel transcends the ordinary, reaching into course-building functionalities. Your toolkit with GoHighLevel isn't just expansive; it's a dynamic arsenal crafted to enhance your business strategies across multiple dimensions.

Uncover the essential insights:

  • GoHighLevel is a powerhouse, bundling together vital tools like CRM, automation, email marketing, sales funnels, website-building tools, and communication features such as SMS and calling. The goal? Elevate your marketing strategies and enrich client engagement
  • Effortlessly automate everyday tasks, from sending SMS messages to nurturing conversations and handling appointment bookings. It's about making operations seamless and efficient.
  • Enjoy the convenience of a user-friendly dashboard that provides easy access to and management of all GoHighLevel features. The platform ensures not just power but also simplicity in your hands.

CRM and Pipeline Management

With GoHighLevel, streamline your campaign management process for efficiency and ease, ensuring all your marketing endeavors are effortlessly centralized in one accessible location.

Every Tool You Require Under One Roof

Learn it, and you can quickly create campaigns, saving time. Connect with leads and customers easily, all in one place. No need to switch platforms. It works with Facebook Messenger, Instagram, SMS, calls, and email. Streamline your work with this all-in-one tool.

Finish up with GoHighLevel's building tools. Just click and drag to create websites, funnels, or pages—no need for coding. Anyone can do it. Simplify your design without complex coding—easy for everyone to master.

Import or Export Existing Customer Lists

Skip the manual data entry—whether you have customer contact lists on another platform, you can seamlessly import them with a simple click. Additionally, if the need arises, GoHighLevel facilitates the smooth export of your customer lists for added flexibility.

Simplify your workflow and enhance your contact organization with the click-of-a-button functionality.

Intelligent Pipelines

Effortlessly oversee your pipelines with GoHighLevel's automated lead management system. Here's a breakdown of how it works:

Automated Stage Progression:

The platform seamlessly guides leads through the relevant stages of your pipelines automatically. For instance, you might have stages like "Form Completed," "Appointment Booked," "Product Demonstration Given," and "Sale Made."

Instant Visibility into Lead Progress:

As leads enter your pipeline, they smoothly progress through each stage, offering instant visibility into various customer journey phases. This feature allows you to stay informed about your leads and take prompt action.

Strategic Pipeline Value:

You have the flexibility to assign a value to your leads, representing the expected revenue when they reach the completion stage. This strategic approach provides a quick overview of your pipeline's current value.

In terms of customer relationship management (CRM), connect with leads through diverse channels or establish automated workflows designed to guide leads seamlessly toward the point of sale. For further insights on workflows, continue reading below. Enhance your CRM strategy by exploring these versatile communication and automation options.

Notifications in Real Time

Make the most of the platform by setting up notifications. Get instant updates when new things happen, like a new lead coming in. Stay on top of messages from potential customers on Facebook Messenger or email. Customize your notifications to suit you and stay responsive without missing anything.

Unlimited Sales Funnels

GoHighLevel is unique in funnel-building because it lets you create unlimited sales funnels. Use the easy tool to build pages from scratch or import existing ones from ClickFunnels seamlessly. Improve your funnels with features like booking calendars, order forms, timers, and progress bars. Host your funnels on subdomains and add buttons for calls, texts, or emails.

If you're not into making funnels yourself, GoHighLevel has a marketplace where you can buy pre-built ones and add them to your campaigns effortlessly—experience top-notch flexibility with GoHighLevel's funnel-building capabilities.

Landing Page Builder

Use a simple drag-and-drop interface to create attractive pages. Pick from templates or make one yourself.

Capture more leads by adding forms directly to your landing pages and sending data smoothly to GoHighLevel. Use various conversion techniques like countdown timers and booking calendars.

Strengthen your marketing by making engaging landing pages that not only grab attention but also work seamlessly with GoHighLevel's other features.

Website Builder

Whether you're making a single or multi-page site, this tool lets you easily add forms and conversion techniques.

What sets this builder apart is the ready-made templates for different industries. For example, if you're making a website for a lawyer, just pick the attorney template and choose a layout. You can customize every part, but starting with a well-designed foundation makes building your site faster.

Surveys and Forms

These tools help gather valuable feedback and capture new leads seamlessly.

All the insights from surveys and forms are on the GoHighLevel dashboard. Easily export the data to a Google Docs spreadsheet for analysis and organization.

The Sticky Contact feature, like Google's Autofill, ensures a smooth user experience. When a form is completed, a cookie stores information, automatically filling in details if another page on the same domain is accessed.

Boost engagement by adding triggers to your surveys and forms and activating the webchat widget after completion. This innovative feature allows immediate communication with potential customers actively considering your products.

Email Marketing

Maximize email marketing with GoHighLevel's standout feature. Create impactful emails from scratch or use templates to simplify your communication strategy.

Choose immediate delivery or schedule for a specific date and time with GoHighLevel's flexible options. Strategically send emails to batches of contacts at different intervals to avoid overwhelming your pipeline.

Integrate your crafted emails seamlessly into marketing workflows for a cohesive multi-channel marketing approach. The email builder comes equipped with additional tools, allowing you to:

  • Embed RSS feeds into emails.
  • Preview and test emails directly to your inbox.
  • Generate custom unsubscribe links.
  • Incorporate trigger links and hyperlinks.
  • Track email statistics and access detailed reports to monitor your campaign progress.

Simple Drag and Drop Interface

On the left, find all the elements you need, and drag them into the designated space on the right.

Customization is easy as you go into each element's sub-menu to adjust settings. Change fonts, colours, and sizes, and add images effortlessly. Go deeper by embedding videos from platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, and HTML5.

Once your email is ready, send it out immediately or save it as a template for later use. Explore GoHighLevel's email builder for intuitive design capabilities to streamline your communication and leave a lasting impact.

Use Premade Templates

Choose from various options and customize every element to fit your needs. These templates are great for sparking ideas or quickly creating impactful content, making the email creation process simple. Enhance your communication strategy with the convenience and adaptability of GoHighLevel's pre-made email templates.

Diversify your template options with these additional choices at your disposal:

Reuse Your Own Creations:

Utilize your previously crafted emails as templates, promoting consistency in your messaging.

Seamless Integration from ActiveCampaign and Mailchimp:

Effortlessly import templates from popular platforms like ActiveCampaign and Mailchimp, ensuring a smooth transition and utilization of existing resources.

Versatile HTML Code Import:

For further flexibility, import templates from third-party email providers using HTML code, expanding your template options with ease.

Mailgun Integration

GoHighLevel uses Mailgun for efficient email delivery. This seamless integration ensures a smooth email experience, and it's free for up to 10,000 emails per month. If you need more, upgrading your Mailgun account is easy. Explore Mailgun in GoHighLevel for cost-effective and reliable email communication.

Final Thoughts

GoHighLevel has a range of advanced features to boost your business. This includes tools for CRM, automation, email marketing, sales funnels, website building, and communication. The user-friendly dashboard makes it easy to automate tasks, manage pipelines, and connect with leads. 

Real-time notifications, unlimited sales funnels, and versatile building tools optimize lead tracking. The platform also has a landing page builder, website builder, surveys, and forms for a strong online presence. In email marketing, enjoy a drag-and-drop interface, premade templates, and Mailgun integration for cost-effective communication.

Unlock the full potential of your business with GoHighLevel's advanced features! Elevate your strategies with powerful CRM, automation, email marketing, and more. Experience the efficiency firsthand - click here to start your 30-day free trial now!


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