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Jasper Aiken
11 Jan 2022
5 min read

Agency Pro Unleashed: Exploring the Benefits of GoHighLevel's Top-Tier Plan

The top-tier plan from GoHighLevel, known as the Agency Pro plan, is designed for agencies aiming to offer GoHighLevel as a Software as a Service (SaaS). Priced at a starting point of $497 per month, this plan allows agencies to customize pricing plans to meet their clients' specific needs.

What's GoHighLevel Agency Pro?

Positioned as the highest-tier plan, GoHighLevel Agency Pro, also called "SaaS Mode," is tailored for agencies looking to brand and sell the GoHighLevel platform as a service. SaaS involves providing access to a platform for a fee, usually through ongoing subscriptions paid monthly or annually. By subscribing to GoHighLevel, users essentially embrace the SaaS model.

To empower agencies to elevate their service quality, add value, and boost revenue, GoHighLevel permits white-labelling its platform for resale to clients. Acquiring a white-labelled version grants access to all features and tools but with a crucial distinction—removing GoHighLevel branding.

With the agency's ability to incorporate its branding, clients perceive the software as originating from the agency itself. Moreover, agencies can set their pricing, incorporate various add-ons, and sell GoHighLevel SaaS unlimited times.

What's the Cost of GoHighLevel Agency Pro?

The GoHighLevel Agency Pro plan offers monthly and annual payment options:

  • $497/month
  • $4,970/year

Opting for an annual payment provides a two-month equivalent at no cost, resulting in a total savings of $994. Existing subscribers upgrading to Agency Pro from Agency Starter or Agency Unlimited plans receive a credit of $400 or $200 on their first month.

Features of GoHighLevel Agency Pro

Create Flexible Pricing Plans

  • Agencies can establish different pricing plans for clients, offering the freedom to set prices for monthly or annual payments.
  • Currently, agencies can create up to three distinct SaaS plans, with potential for expansion in the future.

Set Features

  • Certain features are fixed within the SaaS plans, such as two-way text and email conversations, reputation management, missed call text-back, Google My Business messaging and call tracking, Facebook Messenger, text-to-pay, and web chat widgets.
  • Other features can be tailored to create unique offerings at different price points.

Trials and Credits

  • Agencies can entice clients with free trials lasting up to 30 days and complimentary credits.
  • Complimentary credits can be applied to rebilling services, and agencies can decide whether unused credits roll over to the following month.

Rebilling for Services

  • Additional GoHighLevel services can be sold at a marked-up rate, including the phone system, email, premium triggers and actions, email verification, Content AI, Workflow AI, and Conversation AI.

How to Sign Up for GoHighLevel Agency Pro (Step by Step):

Important Note:

Accessing the GoHighLevel Agency Pro plan requires using an exclusive link, not available on

For New Users:

  1. Click on the signup landing page link and select "Start an Extended Free Trial."

  1. Complete the pop-up form with company name, full name, email address, and phone number.

  1. Proceed to the next page to enter credit card details (billed after the 30-day free trial).

  1. Confirm the order through the "Complete Order" button, receiving an email confirmation and platform access.

For Existing Subscribers:

  1. Click on the given link and select "Already a HighLevel User?"

  1. Fill in first and last names, email addresses, and agency relationship numbers.

  1. Submit the details, and for the agency number, check the agency view in GoHighLevel account settings under "Settings" and then "Company."

  1. The account automatically upgrades to GoHighLevel Agency Pro, with the first month billed at a reduced rate due to the bonus credit.

Is GoHighLevel Agency Pro Worth It?

The GoHighLevel Agency Pro plan proves worthwhile for agencies seeking an unrestricted revenue stream. Offering the ability to set prices, create tailored offers, and sell without limitations, all at an affordable $497/month, makes it a compelling choice. For those starting in digital marketing, it might be prudent to wait until there's client interest, but once that's established, there's every reason to go for it.


In conclusion, the GoHighLevel Agency Pro plan unlocks many possibilities for agencies, offering unparalleled flexibility, branding autonomy, and revenue potential. Now, here's your chance to experience it firsthand. By clicking on this link, you can embark on a 30-day trial period that gives you a comprehensive look at the powerful features and comes with exclusive benefits.


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