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GoHighLevel and Google Ads

Jasper Aiken
11 Jan 2022
5 min read

GoHighLevel and Google Ads

GoHighLevel seamlessly integrates with Google Ads to offer comprehensive real-time data reports and analytics. The conversion tracking feature in Google Ads allows you to monitor the effectiveness of your ongoing campaigns and return on investment (ROI).

This data empowers you to fine-tune and enhance your campaigns until they achieve optimal performance.

Key Points:

  • Integrate Google Ads with GoHighLevel for live reporting and analysis.
  • Use Google Ads conversion tracking to assess the ROI of each ad.
  • Implement conversion triggers in GoHighLevel workflows.

How GoHighLevel Collaborates with Google Ads

GoHighLevel provides a platform to access live reporting, analyze performance, and track conversions and ROI for those managing digital ad campaigns on Google for clients.

This information offers detailed insights into ad performance and revenue generation, enabling informed campaign adjustments. By identifying what works and what doesn't, you can refine campaigns for desired effectiveness.

Insights Available in GoHighLevel from Google Ads

Live Reporting and Analysis

Upon connecting Google Ads with GoHighLevel, you gain access to detailed data on ad performance, presented in a comprehensive format. The main screen overviews total impressions, clicks, and conversions across all live ad campaigns. Additional details include total spend, average CPC, cost per ad conversion, and overall conversion rate.

Beneath these metrics, individual ad campaigns are listed, allowing for easy filtering and customization of data for analysis. The performance data for each campaign can be further explored by selecting different objectives.

Google Ads Conversions and ROI

GoHighLevel facilitates the setup of conversion-tracking workflows, allowing businesses to maximize ROI by understanding and improving the success of each ad. This information is crucial for advertisers aiming for optimal returns on their investments.

Connecting GoHighLevel with Google Ads for Reporting (Step by Step):

Step 1: Ensure maximum user permissions for the relevant Google Ads account.

Step 2: Verify and connect the correct account in the GoHighLevel sub-account under "Integrations."

Step 3: Add the UTM tracking template to the Google Ads account for data visibility in GoHighLevel. Copy the following piece of code:


Step 4: Set up Google Ad precautionary tracking script, as recommended by GoHighLevel.

Setting Up Google Ad Conversion Actions in GoHighLevel (Step by Step):

Step 1: Before you set up Google Ad Conversions, please ensure you have followed all the steps above to set up Google Ads reporting.

Step 2: In the Google Ads account, click “Tools and Settings.” Then, click on “Conversions.”

Step 3: From the options that appear, select “Import,” then “Other data source or CRMs,” and “Track conversions from clicks.”

Step 4: You will now have a dropdown box to adjust the goal and action optimization. GoHighLevel recommends choosing “Converted Lead.”

Step 5: Now, name your conversion.

Setting Up Google Ad Conversion Triggers and Workflows

Currently applicable to form or survey submissions, order purchases, incoming phone calls, number pool calling, and the GoHighLevel chat widget. The steps involve creating workflows, 

selecting triggers, adding filters, and linking to Google Ads with the specified conversion name.

Form Submission, Order Purchases, and Survey Submissions

  • Create your workflow.
  • From the trigger options, select “Form Submitted,” “Order Form Submission,” or “Survey Submitted.”
  • Now add the following filters: Form/ Order Form/ Survey is > select relevant form, order form, or survey.
  • Click the “+” icon and “Add to Google Ads.”
  • Select “Other” and paste your conversion name.
  • Click “Save” and “Publish.”

Incoming Phone Call

  • Create your workflow.
  • From the trigger options, select “Call Status.”
  • Now add the following filters: Call Direction > Incoming then, In Phone Number > Select phone number >  Save.
  • Click the “+” icon and click on “Add to Google Ads.”
  • Now select “Other” and paste your conversion name.
  • Click “Save” and “Publish.”

Number Pool Calling

  • Create your workflow.
  • From the trigger options, select “Call Status.”
  • Add the following filters: Call Direction > Incoming, then Pool Number > Select Pool Number.
  • Click the “+” icon and click on “Add to Google Ads.”
  • Now select “Other” and paste your conversion name.
  • Click “Save” and “Publish.”

GoHighLevel Chat Widget

  • Create your workflow.
  • From the trigger options, select “Customer Replied Trigger.”
  • Click the “+” icon and click on “Add to Google Ads.”
  • Now select “Other” and paste your conversion name.
  • Click “Save” and “Publish.”


  • Despite its outdated usage, GoHighLevel may still use the term 'Google Adwords' in its workflows.
  • Testing conversion events, viewing history, and allowing 24 hours for conversions to appear are highlighted as important considerations.


In conclusion, the power of optimizing your Google Ads campaigns with GoHighLevel is at your fingertips. Take the leap towards enhanced performance and increased ROI by embarking on a 30-day trial period through my exclusive link. Unleash the full potential of your digital advertising endeavours. Click here to start your trial today and elevate your marketing game!


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