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Jasper Aiken
11 Jan 2022
5 min read

GoHighLevel Automations

A powerful platform, GoHighLevel, offers a range of automation capabilities directly from its interface. Users can automate tasks such as lead nurturing, communication, appointment scheduling, and managing pipelines and calendars by establishing workflows.

Here are the main points to remember:

  • Automate lead nurturing through various channels like email, voicemail, SMS, and Facebook Messenger.
  • Automatically guide leads through pipelines, make bookings, and update calendars.
  • Construct automated campaign workflows to streamline processes.

Understanding GoHighLevel Automation

GoHighLevel provides multiple automation features tailored for efficient lead nurturing. This involves automated text messages, social media messages, calls, and voicemails.

The platform's automation extends to managing pipelines and calendars, allowing users to integrate automated processes into multi-channel marketing campaigns.

The core idea behind automation is to free up time from repetitive tasks, enabling a focus on scaling the business.

What Can GoHighLevel Automate?

Automation lies at the heart of GoHighLevel functionality. The platform employs "Workflows" to integrate automation into marketing campaigns, allowing the creation of single-channel or multi-channel campaigns.

This article will delve into workflows as they serve as the foundation for various automation tools within GoHighLevel.

Email Marketing Automation:

Starting with email automation, setting up automated campaigns involves creating a workflow for each. Users can orchestrate a series of responses tailored to recipient actions by adding actions triggering specific events.

The possibilities are extensive, from follow-up emails for discounts to welcome emails with login details designed to engage recipients based on their interactions.

In the case of this example, the actions could be:

  • Training video watched but no further action: Triggers a follow-up email for an extra discount.
  • Training video watched and course purchased: Triggers a welcome email with login details.
  • Recipient clicked to unsubscribe: Triggers an unsubscribe confirmation email.
  • Recipient clicked into email but ignored video: Triggers an email detailing the paid course.

SMS Automation:

GoHighLevel offers a unique feature allowing users to trigger automated responses with a single-word text. Actions are assigned to words or short phrases, facilitating automatic responses based on the user's input.

The system utilizes AI to interpret responses, recognizing positive or negative tones and tailoring subsequent messages accordingly.

Automatic Missed Call Texts:

To address missed calls, GoHighLevel enables automatic SMS notifications to callers if their call goes unanswered. This helps reassure potential customers that their inquiry is acknowledged and allows them to convert the situation into a sale.

Social Media Automation:

Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and TikTok can directly integrate with GoHighLevel for automated responses and lead data capture. Users can set up predetermined responses and trigger automated conversations based on user interactions.

A noteworthy feature is the ability to add trigger links, automatically incorporating lead data into campaigns.

Calling Automation:

For immediate action on leads, GoHighLevel features forced calls that connect agents with leads as soon as form data is submitted. Voicemail drops, similar to SMS, involve pre-recorded voice messages delivered automatically during workflows.

Appointment Booking Automation:

GoHighLevel chatbot feature streamlines the lead-to-booking process across various communication channels. AI is utilized to generate appropriate responses, ensuring businesses don't miss booking opportunities.

Pipeline Automation:

Pipelines in GoHighLevel automatically progress leads through stages, providing an overview of ongoing activities. Opt-in links within marketing material can seamlessly add leads to campaigns and pipelines.

Calendar Automation:

GoHighLevel automates calendar management by updating calendars, clash-checking to prevent double bookings, and integrating with payment systems and video conferencing platforms. Automated reminders decrease no-show rates.

Multichannel Campaign (Workflows) Automation:

Users can incorporate calls, SMS, emails, and social media messages into a single workflow, automating entire campaigns. This versatility allows for intricate, detailed campaigns or simpler processes, all requiring minimal manual intervention once set up.

Final Thoughts

To wrap it up, GoHighLevel is like a super-smart helper for businesses, making things run smoothly and growing faster. It's got cool tools like automated emails, texts, and even social media tricks. Want to see how it can boost your business? Try it out for 30 days using my special link! Just click here and see the magic happen. Don't miss the chance – give it a shot now! 🚀


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