GoHighLevel Features

GoHighLevel Calendar Features

Jasper Aiken
11 Jan 2022
5 min read

GoHighLevel Calendar Features

The GoHighLevel calendar has numerous features designed to help manage your appointments and time effectively.

You can streamline the booking process, seamlessly integrating the calendar with various apps for enhanced efficiency.

Key Highlights:

  • Effortlessly book clients into your calendar manually or automatically.
  • Create automatic booking reminders for added convenience.
  • Integrate seamlessly with Google, Outlook, and Stripe.

What are the uses of the GoHighLevel Calendar? 

It provides a range of tools to make event booking smooth and hassle-free. Let's delve into the details.

Manage Your Appointments with Ease:

Have complete control over your bookings. Add, edit, or delete appointments as needed. Update the status to track if appointments were completed, rescheduled, or a no-show. This feature aids in analyzing trends and improving future campaigns.

Set Your Availability and Schedule:

Avoid being overbooked by setting parameters such as slot duration, interval, buffer duration, appointments per slot, appointments per day, scheduling notice, and office hours. Tailor your availability to match your workload and preferences.

Manually Book Clients into Your Calendar:

For one-time appointments, clicking "Book Appointment" lets you select the contact and add new contacts if needed. Choose the relevant calendar from a dropdown box to keep everything organized.

Embed a Calendar for Automatic Bookings:

Each calendar has a unique widget link, allowing you to embed it on your website, landing page, or sales funnel. The widget displays available slots in various languages, and once booked, the information seamlessly appears in your calendar.

Create Different Calendars for Each Service or Event:

Organize events efficiently by creating separate calendars for different activities within GoHighLevel.

Additional Features:

The GoHighLevel calendar includes features like automatic assignment of bookings to team members, custom forms for extra information, an appointment clash checker, SMS or email reminders, and integration with Stripe for advance payments.

Connect with Stripe for Advance Payments:

Integrate Stripe directly within GoHighLevel to facilitate payments for appointments. Users are prompted to pay before confirming the booking.

Connect with Zoom for Automatic Links:

Utilize the direct Zoom integration to generate unique Zoom links automatically. No manual effort is needed to create a Zoom room for each appointment.

Integrate with Outlook and Gmail:

Sync your GoHighLevel calendar with Outlook and Google Calendars. Bookings made in either app will seamlessly appear in the GoHighLevel calendar.


Modifying bookings made in Google or Outlook apps is limited to the account owner if multiple team members use the GoHighLevel calendar.


Outlook integration is currently exclusive to the Agency Unlimited plan.

Monitor Your Calendar with the GoHighLevel Mobile App:

The mobile app allows you to stay updated on all calendar activities, though functionality is limited.

View Appointment Report and Analytics:

Analyze appointment data through the report feature. Filter information based on individual calendars, groups, or sales funnels to understand the effectiveness of your strategies.


In conclusion, the GoHighLevel calendar offers a comprehensive solution for efficient appointment management. Experience the benefits firsthand by signing up for a 30-day trial through my exclusive link. Unlock the full potential of GoHighLevel and transform the way you handle appointments. Don't miss out—click here to start your trial today!


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