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GoHighLevel Chat Widget

Jasper Aiken
11 Jan 2022
5 min read

GoHighLevel Chat Widget

The GoHighLevel chat widget brings a valuable touch to GoHighLevel websites and SaaS, even finding a home on WordPress sites.

This widget shifts the conversation smoothly to SMS or email, ensuring user convenience and minimizing the chances of missing out on lead data and opportunities.

Key Points:

  • Integrate the GoHighLevel chat widget into websites, funnels, and WordPress sites.
  • Reduce the risk of overlooking leads and opportunities.
  • Utilize the chat widget for real-time assistance or automated dialogues.

What's the Role of the GoHighLevel Chat Widget?

The GoHighLevel chat widget is a customizable tool to generate leads without increasing advertising expenses.

It finds its place on websites and web pages, offering live chat capabilities during business hours. In instances where live chat assistance isn't available, automated responses can be set up, guaranteeing no missed opportunities.

A standout feature of the GoHighLevel chat widget is its approach: instead of confining the live chat to the widget, it opens a two-way SMS chat on the user's phone. This reduces waiting times and allows users to exit the website while staying engaged in the conversation.

If preferred, the conversation can be directed to email instead of SMS.

Where Can You Deploy the GoHighLevel Chat Widget?

While the primary placement for the GoHighLevel chat widget is on websites, it's versatile enough to be used on the GoHighLevel platform itself.

Enhance SaaS Support with GoHighLevel

This feature becomes a valuable asset for those offering GoHighLevel software as a service (SaaS), adding extra value for clients.

Setting up the GoHighLevel chat widget for each sub-account enables clients to seek assistance with the platform swiftly.

Appearing as a blue speech bubble in the bottom right corner of a sub-account, the chat widget opens a support window upon interaction. Users can request the agency's response via SMS or email.

You can view and respond to client messages in your agency sub-account, maintaining a comprehensive conversation history.

Embed in a GoHighLevel Website or Sales Funnel

The GoHighLevel chat widget seamlessly integrates into any GoHighLevel website or sales funnel.

Appearing as a blue speech bubble, users activate it, enter their details, and the conversation transitions to SMS or email.

Add to a WordPress Website

In addition to GoHighLevel websites, the chat widget can be used on WordPress sites by integrating the plugin.


The plugin isn't named "GoHighLevel"; look for "LeadConnector."

Once installed, the chat widget is ready for use on the WordPress site.

How to Leverage the GoHighLevel Chat Widget?

The GoHighLevel chat widget proves beneficial for capturing leads and opportunities, especially in the absence of live support. In such cases, GoHighLevel provides features to automate conversations.

Live Support with the Chat Widget

The chat widget facilitates live support when you're available. Notably, the conversation doesn't occur on the widget itself.

Users provide their details, and the conversation transitions to SMS or email.

This flexibility lets users respond conveniently, with the conversation thread always accessible.

Support providers can use the GoHighLevel mobile app for SMS and email conversations on the go, minimizing response times.

Capture Lead Data During Non-Office Hours

When live chat is unavailable, automated responses kick in.

For instance, if a user seeks support outside office hours, an SMS response can inform them of the unavailability and offer a support call. Alternatively, an automated response might invite the user to complete an online form.

Set Up an Automated Booking Bot

To prevent missed opportunities, an automated SMS-based booking bot can be created to handle and confirm appointments.

The bot uses AI to interpret user responses, providing available calendar slots for users to choose from.

Confirmed bookings seamlessly integrate into the relevant calendar, with automated reminders to ensure appointments are not forgotten.


In conclusion, the GoHighLevel chat widget is a powerful tool to elevate online engagement, capture leads seamlessly, and enhance customer support. Its versatility, from live assistance to automated conversations, makes it a must-have for anyone navigating the digital landscape.

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