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GoHighLevel Course Selling Mastery

Jasper Aiken
11 Jan 2022
5 min read

GoHighLevel Course Selling Mastery

You have the option to construct and market courses within the GoHighLevel platform. Once you've developed your course, you can formulate an offer and present it to learners for a single payment or recurring subscription.

Key Points:

  • You can generate, host, and sell unlimited courses on the GoHighLevel platform.
  • Link up with Stripe or PayPal to handle payments or subscription charges.
  • All courses can be sold to total users.

What Kinds of Courses Can You Offer on GoHighLevel?

GoHighLevel Courses

Before putting courses up for sale on GoHighLevel, creating them and inputting all your course content is necessary.

Navigate to the courses section by selecting Sites and then Memberships. Here, GoHighLevel provides four options for various courses available for sale.

Sprint Course

The Sprint course acts as a compact course blueprint to guide you in getting started. All the course components are already in place; you must incorporate your material.

Each lesson page can have text, one video, and supplementary documents like PDFs, Word files, etc. If you require a more detailed course, you can add extra lesson pages, subcategories, and even an evaluation.

GoHighLevel Courses

GoHighLevel designed this Express blueprint as a means for you to create a pathway to paid course memberships or sell courses in packages. This type of course is also useful for upselling or as an introductory offer.

Marathon Course

The Marathon course is a blueprint for a more comprehensive course tailored to enhance or train your audience in your chosen field. Due to the extensive material in the Endurance course, it can be marketed at a higher price.

GoHighLevel Courses

Like the Express course, you can modify, add, and remove sections as needed in the Endurance course.

Membership Sites

The Membership blueprint is designed for continuous, subscription-based content. In essence, customers can subscribe and pay for membership monthly or annually, gaining access to all existing material and any upcoming course content.

GoHighLevel Courses

This approach works well if you plan to consistently release new material or conduct regular live webinars or Zoom training sessions. It's effective when dealing with a substantial amount of course material that takes a considerable time to cover.

Custom Product

If you prefer to avoid adhering to any GoHighLevel blueprints, you can craft your custom course by adding lesson pages, subcategories, and assessments in any sequence.

GoHighLevel Courses

Creating a custom product is beneficial if your course material doesn't fit the blueprints above. It gives you a completely blank canvas to work on, allowing you to design the perfect course for your client base.

How to Market Courses on GoHighLevel

How to Market Courses on GoHighLevel

After preparing your course and adding all the content, it's time to formulate an offer for selling it. Click on the Memberships tab at the top and choose Offers from the dropdown menu.

You can create a personalized offer to sell one or more courses concurrently. Begin by adding your offer title and a brief description.

How to Market Courses on GoHighLevel

Then, choose which courses you want to include in the offer. For example, if you created an Express course as a bonus addition to a subscription-based membership, you can bundle them here.

pricing plans

Lastly, adjust the price of your course by clicking on the Edit button. Here, you can decide how your course will be priced: a free, one-time, or recurring subscription payment.


You can only set a price or subscription for your offer after setting up a payment processor, such as Stripe, and integrating it with GoHighLevel.

You can incorporate a free trial or a one-time fee along with the ongoing payment amount for subscription payments.

How to Market Courses on GoHighLevel

Once satisfied with the offer details, hit Save in the top right corner.

Click Edit Checkout to preview the offer landing page and add a banner image or video. You can also include service agreements and additional fields for customer contact information.

Adding GoHighLevel Course Extras

The upsell feature is handy, allowing you to boost your earnings by selling more courses post the initial purchase. Two options for upselling are available:

  • One-Click Upsell: You can offer another course after the initial purchase. Once the user completes the purchase, the upsell appears on a new page with the option to buy or disregard.
  • In-App Upsell: This lets you "lock" course material, making it accessible only if the customer pays an additional fee.

Adding GoHighLevel Course Extras

How Users Are Billed for Your Course?

How Users Are Billed for Your Course

Once content with your course offer, choose Get Link.

This link directs the user to your course signup page. You can then integrate the link into a sales funnel, marketing email, website, or landing page.

Upon clicking the link, users can enter the signup page and input their details. After hitting Submit, they proceed to the payment page.

Upon entering and submitting their payment details, they will be charged accordingly.

Remember that you can only set up one-time or subscription payments if connected to a payment processor. Currently, direct integration with Stripe and PayPal is available. Using another payment processor, you can use the third-party app Zapier to establish a connection.

It's also worth noting that there are no restrictions on course members and purchases. Therefore, add the offer link to as many campaigns as possible.


In conclusion, embarking on your course-selling journey with GoHighLevel opens up possibilities. I will leverage my link to unlock an exclusive 30-day trial period. Dive into the platform's features, create captivating courses, and witness the potential for yourself. Seize this opportunity to elevate your online teaching experience – click the link now and start your 30-day trial with GoHighLevel! 🚀💡


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