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Jasper Aiken
11 Jan 2022
5 min read

GoHighLevel Email Templates

GoHighLevel offers a diverse collection of email templates exceeding 350 in number, tailor-made for your marketing endeavours.

These templates cater to ten distinct industries and cover a myriad of business niches, ensuring a comprehensive range.

Moreover, leveraging emails from your prior campaigns as templates for subsequent marketing initiatives is seamlessly facilitated.

Key Highlights:

  • Pick from an array of GoHighLevel email templates for nearly every business niche.
  • Tailor and modify GoHighLevel email templates to align with your campaign objectives.
  • Transform existing campaigns into templates for future deployment.

Understanding Highly Elevated Email Templates

Diving into the specifics, GoHighLevel email templates are pre-designed emails for various business niches and industries.

These templates are versatile, allowing you to find one that aligns with the nature of your intended campaign. Most templates are generic, serving as a blank canvas that can be personalized per your requirements.

Examples of customization include:

  • Introducing a new product or service
  • Conducting a contest
  • Offering a discount coupon
  • Announcing an event
  • Introducing a new team member or sharing company updates
  • Distributing regular newsletters
  • Encouraging referrals or reviews
  • Providing appointment information and accepting bookings
  • Sending booking reminders

Some templates are meticulously crafted for specific campaigns, with prewritten text ready for use. All templates are fully customizable through the user-friendly GoHighLevel email-building tool.

Finding and utilizing these templates involves navigating to the Marketing tab, clicking on Emails, and selecting Email Marketing Templates after clicking the New + button in the top right-hand corner.

Exploring Industry-specific GoHighLevel Email Templates

GoHighLevel Automotive Email Templates:

This category boasts around 20 templates catering to automotive businesses, featuring compelling calls to action and integration options for the GoHighLevel booking calendar.

GoHighLevel Beauty and Fashion Email Templates:

For health and beauty services, numerous templates offer flexibility in adding text and selecting calls to action. These templates are effective for booking services or promoting special offers.

GoHighLevel Business Coaching and Consulting Email Templates:

With almost 40 templates, this section covers life coaching, business coaching, and more. An example entails a call to action urging users to sign up for life coaching sessions.

GoHighLevel Financial Email Templates:

Featuring 40 templates for investment, accounting, and credit score services, this category includes an investment email example enticing readers to click for more information.

GoHighLevel Health and Wellness Email Templates:

With over 50 templates centred around yoga, general wellness, nutrition, and gyms, each template includes a call to action where users can add forms, booking calendars, or links to special offers.

GoHighLevel Holidays Email Templates:

A selection of templates caters to seasonal sales events like Black Friday and Christmas, enabling businesses to provide discount coupons or promote specific offers.

GoHighLevel Home Services Email Templates:

This extensive category comprises over 80 templates for general repairs, plumbing, solar energy, roofing, HVAC, and landscaping services. Examples include advice on avoiding plumbing problems and invitations to connect.

GoHighLevel Insurance Email Templates:

A handful of generic templates are available for insurance-related needs, offering customization options based on the specific type of insurance.

GoHighLevel Legal Email Templates:

This category includes five legal templates for customization, providing options to add calendars for booking consultations or forms for gathering more information.

GoHighLevel Marketing Agency Email Templates:

This section aims to boost the number of reviews a business receives by sending requests to customers by featuring an appealing review email template.

GoHighLevel Medical Email Templates:

Encompassing dentists, chiropractors, med spas, and physical therapy services, this section offers over 70 templates, including a chiropractor's examples.

GoHighLevel Real Estate Email Templates:

For real estate, home rentals, and mortgage lenders, a diverse set of over 40 templates is available, designed to provide information about homes or mortgages.

GoHighLevel Restaurant and Bar Email Templates:

Several templates cater to showcasing a restaurant or bar's food and ambiance, with options to include booking or online ordering buttons for increased engagement.

Creating Templates from Existing GoHighLevel Email Campaigns:

For added convenience, emails created in previous campaigns can serve as templates for future use. Users can access a list of previously created emails by selecting New + in the emails tab and choosing Create From Existing Campaign. Opting for a specific email will generate a new template version that can be edited without affecting the original, providing flexibility for reuse.

Utilizing GoHighLevel Email Templates:

Select the desired one to leverage a GoHighLevel email template and open it in the editing tool. Like other Highly Elevated page-building tools, the editing process is streamlined for user ease.

Customizing each template element involves replacing existing text, changing images, and assigning actions to buttons. Options include adding a booking calendar, linking to a landing page or sales funnel, or incorporating surveys and forms.

Should a template fall short of your requirements, additional elements can be seamlessly integrated by dragging and dropping them onto the editing page.


In conclusion, take your marketing efforts to new heights with GoHighLevel powerful features and diverse templates. Take advantage of the opportunity to elevate your business. Sign up now using my link for an exclusive 30-day trial period. Unleash the potential of GoHighLevel and experience firsthand how it can transform your marketing strategies. Click here to start your trial. Elevate your business today!


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