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GoHighLevel for SEO

Jasper Aiken
11 Jan 2022
5 min read

GoHighLevel for SEO

Enhance your GoHighLevel experience by fine-tuning your SEO game. While GoHighLevel empowers you to refine web page details and cater to mobile users, it lacks direct ties to external SEO tools.

For a more comprehensive SEO strategy, consider blending the strengths of WordPress and Yext with GoHighLevel. Here's the scoop:

  • GoHighLevelallows tweaking of web page metadata for SEO.
  • Optimize your GoHighLevel pages for mobile users.
  • Elevate SEO by syncing with WordPress and Yext.

GoHighLevel SEO Features

Regarding SEO features, GoHighLevel excels in crafting appealing web pages and sales funnels. To bolster your SEO efforts, focus on metadata edits and mobile optimization.

Unlike WordPress, GoHighLevel misses out on direct plugins like Yoast for SEO assistance. Nevertheless, you can harness advanced SEO tools by seamlessly integrating with WordPress and Yext.

Refine Web Page Metadata

Within GoHighLevel web page builder, dive into the metadata editing feature for websites, sales funnels, and blog posts. Tailor your content by:

  • Crafting an SEO-friendly title.
  • Composing a page description optimized for search engines.
  • Incorporating keywords strategically.
  • Adding a page author for credibility.
  • Implementing an image URL for visual appeal.
  • Crafting custom meta tags for precision.

GoHighLevel's Mobile Friendliness

Simplify the mobile experience by seamlessly toggling between desktop and mobile views in the web page editor. If elements don't transition smoothly, customize sections for mobile or desktop, ensuring a flawless appearance without unnecessary padding or gaps.

Integrate WordPress for Extra SEO Features

Tap into WordPress's rich array of SEO features, themes, and plugins for enhanced rankings. Google and other search engines favor WordPress, making it a trusted choice. To leverage its benefits with GoHighLevel, create your site using WordPress and connect it through the LeadConnector plugin.

Install the GoHighLevel chat widget and embed funnel pages for lead capture, enhancing your campaigns. Plus, offer WordPress hosting via GoHighLevel to clients, providing seamless access to admin features.

Boost Local Business SEO With Yext Integration

Dive deeper into SEO success by setting up Yext for each client's sub-account. Yext streamlines content updates across 70+ local listings, directories, and client websites. It adheres to SEO best practices, automatically managing structured data, rapid page-load speeds, user-friendly design, and mobile responsiveness.


In conclusion, embracing GoHighLevel for your SEO needs opens the door to a world of possibilities. Take charge of your online presence, optimize your web pages, and skyrocket your rankings effortlessly. Ready to experience the difference firsthand? 

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