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GoHighLevel Mobile App

Jasper Aiken
11 Jan 2022
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GoHighLevel Mobile App

Upgrade your business game with the GoHighLevel mobile app—a powerful tool for managing your CRM, calendar, reviews, opportunities, and pipelines seamlessly. Stay organized and in control, whether you're in the office, at a meeting, or on the move.

Unlock premium features with a simple account upgrade and offer your clients a white-label GoHighLevel app. Elevate their experience with a customized solution that boosts your professional image.

Main Points to Remember:

  • Effortless CRM Management:

Take control of your business relationships by effortlessly managing contacts, appointments, reviews, opportunities, and more through the intuitive GoHighLevel platform.

  • Seamless Communication Across Devices:

Stay connected with your leads and contacts seamlessly across all your devices. Whether you're on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, communication is at your fingertips.

  • Brand Your Business:

Elevate your brand by white-labeling the GoHighLevel mobile app. This allows you to customize and brand the app to your business identity, opening up opportunities to offer a personalized, branded experience to your clients.

Maximize your efficiency and business potential by incorporating these strategies into your GoHighLevel experience. Ready to take your business to the next level? Let's get started!

Explore the Capabilities of the GoHighLevel Mobile App

Discover the GoHighLevel mobile app, a streamlined version of the robust GoHighLevel platform. Upon installation and login, unlock a range of features and tools enabling seamless CRM on any device. Explore the simplicity and efficiency of managing your business operations with this mobile powerhouse.

View Your Pipeline

Upon opening the app, gain instant insight into your pipeline with a comprehensive overview. Navigate through various pipelines effortlessly by selecting "All Pipelines," allowing you to toggle between different pipelines and monitor their real-time status. Stay in control and make informed decisions with this intuitive feature at your fingertips.

Initiate phone calls, dispatch emails, and transmit SMS messages.

Effortlessly connect with your contacts through seamless communication options within the GoHighLevel mobile app. Whether you need to make a call, send an SMS, or fire off an email, all the tools are at your fingertips. Enhance your contact management and stay in touch with ease using the versatile features of the GoHighLevel mobile app.

Schedule appointments and manage your calendar with the ability to view and make edits.

Effortlessly access and review your GoHighLevel calendars, and dive into each appointment for detailed insights. Take control of your schedule by seamlessly adding appointments manually through a simple click on the plus icon. Discover the convenience of managing your calendar with ease using the intuitive features of the GoHighLevel platform.

Review and reply to messages and discussions

Effortlessly engage with your email and text discussions – read, respond, and even start new conversations within the GoHighLevel platform. By selecting the relevant contact and crafting your message, you can initiate conversations seamlessly.

Visualize all your interactions in a convenient feed format, akin to the familiar layout of WhatsApp or SMS on your phone. To engage with a message, simply tap to open it and choose your response method. Stay connected and in control with the user-friendly messaging features of GoHighLevel.

Add, View, Edit, and Organize Contacts

Access all your GoHighLevel contact lists seamlessly within the mobile app, offering a comprehensive view of your contacts' pipeline and current campaign status. Here's what you can achieve:

  • Manage Contacts Efficiently:

Easily add new contacts or make edits and deletions to existing ones, putting you in control of your database.

  • Organize Contacts into Lists:

Streamline your contacts by organizing them into lists, ensuring a structured and efficient approach to your outreach.

  • Enhance Pipeline Management:

Add contacts to specific pipelines and provide opportunity information, optimizing your workflow and maximizing potential.

  • Automate Campaign Engagement:

Effortlessly incorporate contacts into automated campaigns, allowing for targeted and effective communication.

  • Schedule Tasks and Appointments:

Seamlessly create tasks or book appointments for your contacts, ensuring a systematic approach to your engagements.

  • Document Important Information:

Apply notes and additional information within each contact, providing a comprehensive overview and facilitating smoother interactions.

Create New Opportunities

Never miss out on a new opportunity or lead, even when you're away from your desk. Utilize the app to seamlessly input details into a campaign or pipeline. Once completed, the information syncs and becomes visible on the GoHighLevel platform. Stay connected and responsive, ensuring that your business is always in sync with potential opportunities.

Check out reviews and request feedback from clients

Easily send review requests through email or SMS using the GoHighLevel mobile app. Manage your existing reviews and provide timely responses as needed, all within the convenience of the app. Keep track of your online reputation effortlessly and engage with your customers effectively.

Create Invoices

Unlock the capability to generate and send invoices directly to your contacts using the app. Note that to leverage this feature, a prerequisite is having an active Stripe account. Streamline your invoicing process effortlessly with this powerful functionality.

How can you acquire the GoHighLevel mobile application?

Access the GoHighLevel mobile app on both iOS and Android platforms. It goes by the name "LeadConnector" on app stores, so be sure to search for this term.
Alternatively, use the following links for quick access:

  • Download LeadConnector for Apple devices
  • Download LeadConnector for Android devices

Is there a cost associated with the GoHighLevel Mobile App?

No, the GoHighLevel mobile app is available for free download and use with any GoHighLevel plan. Even if you're not a GoHighLevel subscriber, you can still download the app, but access to its features will be restricted without a subscription.

Customize and brand the GoHighLevel mobile app as your own

A standout feature of GoHighLevel is its capability to customize and market the platform as Software as a Service (SaaS) to clients. This exclusive offering is accessible through the Agency Unlimited plan, priced at $297/month. With this plan, you gain the power to incorporate your own branding into the platform.

For those aspiring to extend this branding experience to the mobile app, a supplementary fee is applicable:

  • White-label mobile iOS and Android app: $1,491/quarter or $4,970/year
  • White-label mobile Zapier: $50/month

Explore the enhanced possibilities of presenting a branded experience to your clients with GoHighLevel's customizable features.

Ready to supercharge your business? Click the link now for a 30-day free trial of GoHighLevel. Transform your marketing and sales strategies today! Don't miss out—click to elevate your business.


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