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GoHighLevel Pros and Cons

Jasper Aiken
11 Jan 2022
5 min read

GoHighLevel Pros and Cons

When deciding on a platform, weighing the pros and cons is crucial to determine if it's worth your time and investment. Here's an overview of what GoHighLevel offers:

Key Points:

  • GoHighLevel is an all-in-one platform with unlimited features at an affordable price.
  • The platform allows selling it as SaaS an unlimited number of times.
  • Customer service and help department could be improved.

Pros of GoHighLevel:

  • A comprehensive sales, marketing, and CRM platform.
  • Most features are unlimited, providing excellent value.
  • Affordable pricing structure.
  • Advanced automation capabilities streamline tasks.
  • Allows the creation of multi-channel workflows and campaigns.
  • Offers unlimited revenue potential by selling GoHighLevel as SaaS.
  • Features an AI-powered booking bot for automated interactions.
  • Snapshots facilitate the quick creation of sub-accounts for specific industries.
  • Consistently releases new features and improvements.

Cons of GoHighLevel:

  • Learning curve due to the abundance of tools and features.
  • Training materials are frequently outdated.
  • Templates could use improvement in terms of creativity.
  • Customer service response time is inconsistent.

Many platforms claim "all-in-one," but GoHighLevel stands out by truly delivering on this promise. Whether your focus is on sales, marketing, or CRM, GoHighLevel provides all the necessary features in a single platform. This eliminates the need for multiple subscriptions and complex integrations.

It’s Very Affordable

GoHighLevel's pricing is straightforward, with two plans offering unlimited features. This simplicity contrasts with other platforms that may seem affordable but impose restrictions on crucial features, driving up costs as your business grows.

Automation Capabilities:

The platform excels in automation, enabling the creation of campaigns and communication strategies that run on autopilot. From calendar management to timed email campaigns, GoHighLevel streamlines repetitive tasks, allowing businesses to focus on revenue generation.

Multi-channel Campaigns:

GoHighLevel offers flexibility by incorporating various communication channels in a single campaign. This surpasses the limitations of many other platforms, which often restrict using only one or two communication methods.

Unlimited Revenue Potential:

An intriguing feature is the ability to sell GoHighLevel as SaaS, fully branding the platform and setting custom prices. This offers limitless potential for additional revenue, a unique advantage in the market.

AI-Powered Booking Bot:

Recognizing the value of AI, GoHighLevel integrates an AI-powered booking bot. This feature understands user responses and nudges SMS conversations towards making bookings, freeing clients from constant phone monitoring.

Snapshots for Efficiency:

Setting up sub-accounts and campaigns is simplified with GoHighLevel's snapshots. These prebuilt accounts cater to specific industries, saving time and effort. Users can even copy existing accounts or purchase snapshots for added convenience.

Continuous Improvement:

GoHighLevel actively evolves, frequently releasing new features and improvements. The platform values user feedback, ensuring requested features are considered and implemented.


While GoHighLevel has numerous strengths, it's essential to consider potential drawbacks. The learning curve is notable, requiring time to familiarize oneself with the platform. The inconsistency in training materials and customer service response time could also be improved.


In summary, GoHighLevel earns high praise for its comprehensive features and affordability. With a 9.5 out of 10 rating, it is a top recommendation, second only to Kajabi. For businesses seeking a genuine all-in-one CRM, sales, and marketing platform at an attractive price point, GoHighLevel proves to be a compelling choice.

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