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GoHighLevel Webhooks for Seamless Business Automation

Jasper Aiken
11 Jan 2022
5 min read

GoHighLevel Webhooks for Seamless Business Automation

GoHighLevel provides tools for users to connect and share information through inbound and outbound Webhooks.

The platform has a built-in tool called LC Premium Triggers and Actions for Webhooks, making linking third-party platforms with GoHighLevel in your workflows easy.

Key Points:

  • The Webhook tool is LC Premium Triggers and Actions.
  • It's available on all subscription plans.
  • Users can also create webhooks using Zapier.

GoHighLevel Webhooks

Access webhooks in the platform's workflow builder. Use them as triggers and actions to exchange information between GoHighLevel and third-party platforms.

Two ways to create webhooks: one popular method is through Zapier, integrating GoHighLevel with thousands of other platforms.

Note: Besides Zapier, other platforms like Make and Integrately can also be used.

Alternatively, native inbound webhook workflow tools allow GoHighLevel to send HTTP requests, relaying information to the platform.

Examples of how subscribers use webhooks:

  • Importing leads
  • Updating lead information
  • Initiating workflows
  • Sending SMS and emails
  • Updating a lead's pipeline stage
  • Adding tasks

Setting Up Webhooks in GoHighLevel

Two methods:

  • Using the LC Premium Triggers and Actions tool for inbound webhooks.
  • Utilizing third-party providers like Zapier.

Setting Up GoHighLevel Inbound Webhooks:

  • From your dashboard, select the sub-account.
  • Create or edit a workflow.
  • Add a new workflow trigger, and choose "Inbound Webhook."

  • Copy the webhook URL, and integrate it with the third-party platform.

  • Test the webhook using the correct HTTP request method.
  • Save the received data for future use.
  • Complete the setup by mapping fields and saving the trigger.

Setting Up GoHighLevel Webhooks (Zapier):

  • Go to "Settings" in your sub-account and select "API."
  • Copy the API Key.
  • On Zapier, create a Zap, and choose LeadConnector as the trigger.

  • Select the event, like "Pipeline Stage Changed."
  • Continue and choose the GoHighLevel sub-account.

  • Note: Use LeadConnector, as GoHighLevel doesn't have a Zapier app.
  • Build workflows using Workflows by Zapier and connect to third-party platforms.

GoHighLevel Subscription Requirements for Webhooks:

For webhooks using third-party platforms, like Zapier, subscribers need the Unlimited plan for API access. Inbound webhooks are available on all plans.

LC Premium Actions and Triggers are a core feature with 100 free executions. Beyond this limit, they're billed at $0.01 per trigger or action.

The cost can be marked up in the rebill settings for client purchases.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, harness the power of GoHighLevel to elevate your business strategies and streamline workflows effortlessly. Take advantage of the opportunity to revolutionize your marketing and client management approach. Click here to embark exclusively on a 30-day trial period through this invitation.


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