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GoHighLevel Website Builder

Jasper Aiken
11 Jan 2022
5 min read

GoHighLevel Website Builder

The GoHighLevel platform offers a website builder, allowing users to craft multiple websites effortlessly.

Whether you choose a template or start from scratch, customization is a breeze with the user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.

Utilize GoHighLevel websites for marketing initiatives, promotions, client businesses, and more.

Key Highlights:

  • Employ the GoHighLevel website builder for swift website creation.
  • Leverage the intuitive drag-and-drop tool.
  • Personalize your site with diverse elements like countdown timers, videos, calendars, etc.

What Features Does the GoHighLevel Website Builder Offer?

The GoHighLevel website builder empowers users to construct, modify, and tailor websites as needed.

There's no limit to the number of websites you can create in GoHighLevel, ensuring flexibility for various businesses and client portfolios.

GoHighLevel provides a range of templates for a quick start, or you can kick off with a blank canvas.

Add elements like booking calendars, forms, surveys, videos, etc., to customize your website according to your preferences.

Who Can Benefit from the GoHighLevel Website Builder?

The GoHighLevel website builder is for individuals seeking to create distinct websites effortlessly.

For businesses using GoHighLevel, you can build a website to showcase products or services and create additional sites for specific campaigns.

For those serving clients with GoHighLevel, tailor websites to each client's unique needs.

What Can You Achieve with the GoHighLevel Website Builder?

The GoHighLevel website builder is a feature-rich tool for crafting efficient and visually appealing websites. Let's delve into its capabilities:

Choose from a Variety of Templates or Start from Scratch

With over 200 templates across various business niches, the GoHighLevel builder streamlines the design process. Templates provide a head start; you can customize them further to suit your brand.

You can also begin with a blank page and build your website from the ground up. Any websites you create, whether from a template or scratch, can be saved in your template library for future use.

Add or Remove Website Pages

When selecting a template or starting with a blank page, enter the page editor. Here, you can manage existing pages, add new ones, or remove unnecessary ones.

Edit Your GoHighLevel Website Template

Every aspect of a GoHighLevel website page is customizable. The interface is user-friendly, featuring easy drag-and-drop tools for seamless editing.

As you navigate your mouse, various colored boxes are illuminated to indicate the specific section of the website you have chosen. This feature helps you discern the selected aspect easily.

  • Green box: Website section
  • Blue box: Row
  • Purple box: Column
  • Orange box: Elements

Build with Columns, Rows, and Sections

Organize your web pages with sections, rows, and columns. This structure maintains a clean layout, preventing clutter.

Use the Drag-and-Drop Tool for Element Placement

The GoHighLevel website builder makes adding elements enjoyable. From text to images and interactive elements, the drag-and-drop feature allows flexibility in element placement.

Incorporate Timers and Progress Bars

Enhance your website with timers for time-sensitive promotions and progress bars for user guidance through stages.

Include Booking Calendars, Forms, Videos, and More

Make your website interactive and informative by adding various elements such as videos, maps, forms, and booking calendars.

Customize Pop-Up Windows

Encourage user action with pop-ups. You can easily add and edit pop-ups to convey essential information or reminders.

Embed One or Two-Step Order Forms

Facilitate product or service purchases directly on your website with one-step or two-step order forms.

The choice of order form is a matter of personal preference. Nevertheless, opting for a two-step order form offers the chance to incorporate an upsell item on the second page, potentially capturing the user's interest.

Use HTML or JavaScript for Custom Elements

For those familiar with code, GoHighLevel allows the addition of custom elements using JavaScript or HTML.

Customize Sections Globally

Maintain a consistent theme across your web pages by saving section changes per page or globally.

Access and Restore Previous Website Versions

Access previous versions of your website in case of errors or changes you'd like to undo.

Integrate Websites with GoHighLevel Workflows

Connect your websites seamlessly with GoHighLevel workflows for automated marketing campaigns.

Incorporate signup forms, upsell emails, and more to enhance customer engagement.

In essence, the GoHighLevel website builder is a versatile tool for easily crafting tailored websites.


In conclusion, the possibilities with GoHighLevel's Website Builder are limitless, offering you the tools and flexibility to create stunning websites tailored to your unique needs. Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience this game-changing platform firsthand. Take the next step towards transforming your online presence by clicking the button below to start your 30-day free trial with GoHighLevel.

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