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Jasper Aiken
11 Jan 2022
5 min read

GoHighLevel WhatsApp Integration

The GoHighLevel WhatsApp feature is currently undergoing beta mode. Once officially launched, you'll have access to various functions similar to SMS. This means you can set up automated AI conversations, utilize booking bots, and design marketing campaigns centered around WhatsApp. Get ready for a seamless experience that brings powerful features to your fingertips.

Utilizing WhatsApp in Conjunction with GoHighLevel

Connecting WhatsApp with GoHighLevel is as easy as sending a text. Here's how:

  • LC – Phone System: Buy a phone number directly through GoHighLevel's new phone provision service.
  • Twilio Integration: Connect GoHighLevel with Twilio, an external provider. Purchase a phone number through Twilio, or if you already have Twilio numbers, smoothly bring them into GoHighLevel. It's that simple to get started!

Leverage GoHighLevel for Sending WhatsApp Messages

Effortlessly send WhatsApp messages by selecting contacts in the Contacts section. Choose WhatsApp from the top menu, use "drop mode" for group messages, and manage conversations in the Conversations section for a streamlined experience.

Employ pre-established codes for customizing your WhatsApp messages

Enhance your WhatsApp messages in GoHighLevel by using special codes. Include these codes while composing your message to personalize your communication.

For example, using {{contact.first_name}} inserts your contacts' first names into the message, providing a customized experience for each recipient.

Explore the user-friendly interface of GoHighLevel to find a dropdown menu with customization codes. You can also create your own codes for complete control over the messaging experience. It's a simple and empowering way to make your WhatsApp communications unique.

Generate templates for WhatsApp and save your creations

Efficiently manage repetitive WhatsApp messages by creating and storing templates in the Templates section of the Conversations menu. Choose from existing templates or create new ones, and save time with this straightforward method.

Address missed calls effectively by deploying automated WhatsApp messages

This feature is beneficial for those who often receive numerous booking calls. If a potential customer calls a business without a response, they might move on to the next contact.

To address this, use the feature that automatically sends a WhatsApp message when a call goes unanswered. For example, if a lead calls and no one answers, GoHighLevel can promptly send a follow-up message. This ensures no valuable opportunity is missed, as the message encourages the lead to call back or book directly through WhatsApp.

Leverage WhatsApp for campaigns that involve opt-in messages

In the digital age, businesses use traditional methods like billboards. To gather data, provide a WhatsApp number for inquiries. GoHighLevel makes it seamless—set a trigger like "Discount," and users get an automated response with an exclusive code. It bridges traditional and digital engagement.

Use WhatsApp Messages With GoHighLevel Workflows

GoHighLevel's powerful workflows automate events triggered by actions like appointment scheduling. Flexible and customizable, these workflows are ideal for tailored automation in WhatsApp or multi-channel campaigns.

One-Word WhatsApp Automated Responses

Create workflows in GoHighLevel where users can text a single word to a WhatsApp number for automated responses. Associate actions with words, like sending a coupon for "Offer" or adding to a mailing list for "Info," to engage dynamically with your audience.

Implement an AI-driven automated booking bot designed for GoHighLevel on WhatsApp.

GoHighLevel's advanced booking bot, powered by AI, is a human-like assistant for appointment scheduling. When businesses can't answer calls promptly, the bot automates the process, preventing potential business loss. 

Set up the booking calendar, and a workflow triggers an automatic WhatsApp message for unanswered calls. The AI distinguishes response nuances, crafting personalized replies for a natural and engaging conversation, guiding the interaction toward booking confirmation.


GoHighLevel introduces a beta WhatsApp feature for automated AI conversations, booking bots, and marketing campaigns. Testers can access Early access through GoHighLevel's phone system or Twilio integration. 

The platform's campaign automation uses workflows for scheduling and reminders via WhatsApp, including one-word automated responses. A standout feature is an advanced AI-driven booking bot for personalized appointment scheduling on WhatsApp.

Unlock the power of seamless business automation! Head to our YouTube channel for an exclusive walkthrough of GoHighLevel's game-changing features. Ready to revolutionize your business? Click the link in the video description to embark on a 30-day trial period and experience the future of marketing and communication. Don't miss out – take your business to new heights with GoHighLevel today!


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