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GoHighLevel Powers for Success

Jasper Aiken
11 Jan 2022
5 min read

GoHighLevel Powers for Success

A nifty marketing and CRM platform, GoHighLevel, has been crafted by a savvy agency explicitly for fellow agencies. This all-in-one tool showcases myriad features, allowing you to effortlessly streamline CRM tasks, orchestrate and automate marketing endeavours, and oversee all your clientele from a singular platform.

Here's the scoop:

  • GoHighLevel caters specifically to agencies, offering an all-in-one solution for CRM and marketing.
  • Dive into crafting, executing, and overseeing marketing campaigns seamlessly within GoHighLevel.
  • Present GoHighLevel as your own branded SaaS to clients.

Now, let's delve into the bells and whistles GoHighLevel brings to the table for digital agencies:

  • Establish an array of sub-accounts for your clientele.
  • Tailor and manage contact and lead lists to suit your needs.
  • Crunch numbers with detailed reporting and analytics.
  • Connect directly with contacts via calls, SMS, WhatsApp, email, Instagram, and Facebook—all from the GoHighLevel hub.
  • Skillfully construct and oversee sales pipelines and opportunities.
  • Leverage the versatile GoHighLevel building tools for creating an array of digital assets like websites, funnels, emails, landing pages, surveys, and forms.
  • Harness the power of GoHighLevel workflows to fashion fully automated marketing campaigns across various channels.
  • Host unlimited courses and membership sites, whether they're paid or free.
  • Take charge of Google and Facebook reviews right from the GoHighLevel dashboard.
  • Engineer AI-driven chatbots.
  • Set up and automate booking calendars effortlessly.
  • Seamlessly integrates with a plethora of third-party applications.
  • Manage clients on the fly using the GoHighLevel app.
  • White-label the GoHighLevel platform for a personalized touch.
  • Offer the GoHighLevel mobile app as a rebranded option.
  • Venture into reselling WordPress hosting and Yext Listing.

Establishing and overseeing client operations within GoHighLevel

All your clients find a home under one roof. Upon initializing GoHighLevel, the "Agency View" opens up—a master account where sub-accounts are birthed, reselling features are accessed, and global settings are managed.

When you take on a client, a dedicated sub-account is spawned, granting you access to CRM, marketing, and automation features. This separation ensures that each client's data and activities remain distinct, eliminating the risk of any mix-ups.

To navigate through clients, pick the sub-account and get down to business. Switching between sub-accounts is a breeze with just a click.

Here's a nugget of wisdom:

Apart from the Agency View, your digital agency secures its own sub-account. This allows you to run campaigns and marketing endeavours specifically tailored to your business within this sub-account.

Crafting digital marketing initiatives within the GoHighLevel platform

GoHighLevel is a versatile platform for sculpting and running digital marketing campaigns. Moreover, post-launch, much of the campaign management gets an automation boost.

Enter Workflows. This feature serves as the architect of your campaign's flow. Kick-off with a trigger event, dictating subsequent actions.

For instance, send an email inviting folks to a free webinar. The trigger event might be when they click to reserve a spot. GoHighLevel slots the booking into the calendar and lets you set up a series of reminder emails or SMS leading up to the webinar.

Workflows can be as straightforward or intricate as needed, suitable for single and multi-channel campaigns.

The cherry on top:

Previous workflows and campaigns can moonlight as templates for upcoming endeavours. No need to start from scratch—grab a similar workflow, copy it, and tweak it to suit the new campaign.

Utilize Ready-Made Snapshots

GoHighLevel throws in something called Snapshots, stashed in the Agency View. These snapshots are your go-to for setting up new sub-accounts for clients. Tailored for various business niches, they come preloaded with campaign workflows, saving you time and effort.

And if you're into creating your own shortcuts, GoHighLevel welcomes custom snapshots. If the platform lacks a fitting snapshot, you can scout for them in GoHighLevel Facebook groups or third-party freelancer hubs like Fiverr.

Templates provided by GoHighLevel for Digital Marketing Agencies

GoHighLevel doesn't hold back on templates for funnels, emails, and websites. Whether it's for your agency or clients, dive into a treasure trove of templates and tweak them to fit your needs.

Similar to snapshots, these templates span multiple business niches. Plus, you can immortalize your own creations as templates.

Harness Automation for Efficiency and Resource Optimization

The real MVP feature of GoHighLevel—is automation. Say goodbye to the tedious aspects of marketing agency life. Here's a sneak peek at what GoHighLevel automation magic can do:

  • Automate marketing campaign workflows.
  • Swiftly add lead data to campaigns.
  • Effortlessly handle calendar management and appointment bookings.
  • Streamline pipeline management and lead nurturing.
  • Execute voicemail drops and forced calls.
  • Engage in SMS, WhatsApp, and social media chat conversations

In essence, GoHighLevel is your silent partner in juggling the intricacies of digital marketing. Embrace the automation, save time, and channel your resources where they matter most. It's a game-changer tailored for the savvy marketer.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, elevate your agency's potential with GoHighLevel comprehensive suite of tools for marketing and CRM. Experience the game-changing features and automation firsthand. Ready to transform your workflow? Leap and sign up for our exclusive 30-day trial period using the link below. Don't miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your client management and marketing approach. Click now to embark on a journey of efficiency and success!

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