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GoHighLevel Sub-Account Setup Guide

Jasper Aiken
11 Jan 2022
5 min read

GoHighLevel Sub-Account Setup Guide

Setting up a GoHighLevel agency sub-account is essential for effectively managing each client added to your GoHighLevel account.

You can access the full range of platform features and tools in each sub-account. This enables you to tailor campaigns, funnels, contact lists, and more based on each client's requirements.

Key Points:

  • Create a GoHighLevel agency sub-account for each client.
  • Sub-accounts keep client data separate and secure.
  • The subscription holder receives an agency account and sub-account for their agency.

Understanding the GoHighLevel Agency Sub-Account

The GoHighLevel agency sub-account refers to the accounts established within the platform for individual clients. Each sub-account contains specific client information, including contact lists, campaigns, pipelines, calendars, funnels, and more.

These sub-accounts remain distinct, providing an effective way to keep multiple clients' data separate. As the agency account owner, you can easily switch between sub-accounts to view and edit information for each client.

Furthermore, specific individuals can be granted access to a particular sub-account. Upon logging in, they can only access the data within that sub-account, maintaining confidentiality.

The number of sub-accounts depends on your chosen plan:

  • Agency Starter: Up to three sub-accounts.
  • Agency Unlimited: Unlimited sub-accounts.

Distinguishing GoHighLevel Agency and Sub-Accounts

Clarity is crucial when understanding the roles of the agency account and sub-accounts. The agency account is granted to the subscription holder, responsible for payment, and serves as the overarching management hub. Sub-accounts, on the other hand, are created for each client.

Upon setting up GoHighLevel, the agency account is automatically generated, providing access to various tasks:

  • Managing sub-accounts.
  • Importing and utilizing sub-account snapshots.
  • Accessing prospecting tools for new clients.
  • Setting up SaaS and reselling.
  • Participating in the affiliate program.
  • Exploring the GoHighLevel marketplaces.
  • Configuring the GoHighLevel app.
  • Managing account settings.

Creating sub-accounts offers specialized tools for CRM and marketing to enhance your clients' businesses:

  • Managing contact lists.
  • Creating pipelines, calendars, funnels, websites, blogs, and more.
  • Setting up automated campaigns.
  • Analyzing data analytics.
  • Creating membership sites, courses, webinars, etc.

Important Reminder!

Upon subscribing to GoHighLevel, you receive an agency account and a sub-account. This allows you to conduct campaigns and manage CRM for your agency effectively.

While using the platform, you must switch between your agency and sub-account views for various tasks. This can be done by clicking the name under the GoHighLevel logo and selecting "Switch to Agency View."

How to Create a Sub-Account in GoHighLevel (Step by Step):

Step 1: In agency view, select "Sub-Accounts" from the left-hand menu and click the "Create Sub-Account" button.

Step 2: Choose "Regular Account" based on your subscription, select a relevant snapshot, or opt for a "Blank Snapshot."

Step 3: Input client address details to locate it on the map and select the correct address.

Step 4: Input client information on the next page and hit "Save."

Step 5: The sub-account is now created, allowing you to initiate campaigns and other tasks. For future edits, go to "Sub-Accounts," locate the sub-account, and select "Manage Client" to edit details.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, embark on a transformative journey with GoHighLevel's powerful features and tools to elevate your business. Unlock the potential of efficient campaign management, CRM, and more. Take the first step toward success by signing up for a 30-day trial through my exclusive link. Experience the difference – click here to start your trial today! 🚀


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