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Webinars with GoHighLevel

Jasper Aiken
11 Jan 2022
5 min read

Webinars with GoHighLevel

GoHighLevel lacks the capability to host live-streaming webinars, necessitating the use of third-party applications.

Nevertheless, the platform offers features that enable the creation of webinar sign-up funnels and allow the embedding of pre-recorded videos on GoHighLevel web pages, courses, or emails.

Main Points:

  • GoHighLevel facilitates the creation of automated webinar sign-up workflows.
  • The platform provides prebuilt funnel templates and workflow recipes for webinars.
  • GoHighLevel seamlessly integrates with WebinarKit.

Webinar Functionality in GoHighLevel

GoHighLevel does not offer a dedicated webinar feature or support for native live streaming.

However, this doesn't rule out the use of GoHighLevel for webinars. The platform supports uploading and embedding pre-recorded videos on various platforms, making it easy to create on-demand, evergreen webinars.


For live webinars on GoHighLevel, a third-party app is required. Platforms like WebinarKit or Zoom may incur additional subscription fees, while free options include YouTube or Facebook Live.

Creating Webinar Signup Campaigns in GoHighLevel

To conduct a live webinar, utilize GoHighLevel to create a registration form and an automated workflow with reminders.

Three essential components:

  • Data collection form
  • Funnel
  • Automated workflow


  • Create a form in the "Sites" tab using the "Forms" feature.

  • Add the form to a funnel with registration and thank-you pages in the "Funnels" tab.

  • Create a workflow in the "Automation" tab, utilizing GoHighLevel's pre-made recipe for webinar confirmations and reminders.

  • Configure the workflow by setting trigger events, adding tags, setting the webinar start date, and scheduling reminder emails.

  • Adjust the content of reminder emails and wait times as needed.

  • Publish and save the completed workflow.

Creating a GoHighLevel Webinar Funnel

Pre-recorded webinars offer instant value. Follow steps 1 and 2 from the webinar signup process, then add the video element to the Thank You page.


The video element is available in all building tools, allowing pre-recorded webinars to be added to web pages, courses, or emails.

Integration with WebinarKit

GoHighLevel supports basic integration with WebinarKit. This integration automates the registration process for new GoHighLevel registrations on WebinarKit.


WebinarKit incurs additional costs starting from $45/month, in addition to GoHighLevel subscription fees.

To integrate GoHighLevel with WebinarKit

  • In your WebinarKit account, go to "Settings" and navigate to the "Integrations" section.

  • Find GoHighLevel and follow the provided instructions to connect the platforms.

  • Toggle the integration for specific webinars in WebinarKit settings under "Other."


In conclusion, GoHighLevel provides a powerful solution for automating webinar sign-up workflows and creating engaging, evergreen content.

Experience the seamless integration, prebuilt funnel templates, and workflow recipes designed to elevate your webinar experience. Don't miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your approach to webinars – click the link now and embark on a 30-day journey of enhanced efficiency and productivity with GoHighLevel.


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